About Us

Our mission is simple. Provide trusted, objective test prep product reviews. That's it!

No bullshit

We don't run ads, and we don't accept sponsored reviews. This allows us to be 100% independent and unbiased.

Transparent business model

We only partner with the best test prep companies in the industry, and we make money through affiliate partnerships.

Everybody wins. You get a high-quality program, the test prep company gets a sale, and we get a commission. The best part is it costs you nothing, and we're often able to negotiate a discount on your behalf.

Review methodology

We combine testimonial data and student sentiment analysis with our industry expertise to derive the core feature set of an ideal test prep review for every exam.

We then examine and apply objective scoring across the feature set for each test prep product.

We also consider weighted feature sets for common situations to help guide students who are seeking more specific recommendations.