Driving-Tests.org Review (10% Discount Code)

Driving Tests (Driving-Tests.org) is the best ELDT test prep platform for CDL, motorcycle, and car tests.

Driving-Tests.org Review (10% Discount Code)

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Starting at $69, Driving-Tests.org is an affordable and robust platform for CDL, motorcycle, and car test prep.

We evaluated Driving-tests.org's Class A ELDT + 30-Day Exam Prep program which retails for $99 for this review. Driving-tests.org provided us with free access for this review, but we did not receive any compensation and all opinions are our own.

Driving-Tests.org Discount Code

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Q-Bank with AI Assistant

Driving-tests.org boasts an extensive and diverse question bank covering various subjects tested in the entry-level driving tests (ELDT) exam with 1,500+ questions that are accompanied by detailed explanations, ensuring a thorough understanding of concepts. You also have unlimited attempts to take simulated exams!

AI Tutor

The AI tutor is a standout feature, offering personalized feedback to help you understand the questions and content. Rather than just giving you the answers, the chatbot offers hints that lead you towards understanding the concepts.


Driving-Tests.org offers gamification features designed to enhance the user experience and motivate individuals to master the concepts. The inclusion of badges and achievements adds a layer of accomplishment, recognizing users' progress and milestones in their learning journey. The platform's gamified approach not only transforms the process of preparing for a driving test into an engaging and interactive experience but also encourages consistent and focused learning.

On-Demand Video Content

With 14+ hours of on-demand video content lectures, you will feel well-prepared with all of the necessary information to pass your tests with flying colors. You can also download the video content in PDF or audio formats depending on your learning preferences.

Cheat Sheets

In addition to hours of on-demand content review, Driving-tests.org also comes with various cheat sheets that quickly cover the highlights for those looking to cram study or just focus on the high-yield content that's likely to be on the exam.


With a 99.06% passing rate, it's clear that Driving-tests.org provides a fantastic ELDT prep, but they go even further with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee. In the rare instance that you don't pass, the guarantee adds an extra layer of assurance and financial protection.

You also don't have to leave it to chance, because Driving-tests.org comes with a nice passing prediction feature that tracks your performance and gives you up-to-date passing analysis.


Driving-Tests.org is an official FMCSA-approved national ELDT theory training provider listed in the Training Provider Registry. They submit your training record to the Training Provider Registry so you'll be officially approved to take your knowledge exam at the DMV testing location. This course provides an ELDT Class A Theory Certificate, and ELDT Theory Certificates for H, P and S are optional.

Final Thoughts

Driving-tests.org is a high-quality program from a reputable test prep provider (Elegant E-Learning) who also provide medical and legal exam prep. The platform is high-tech and polished, with apps for iOS and Android as well as a web app for desktop use.