MCAT Q-Bank Comparison: Blueprint, Princeton, and Kaplan

Blueprint, Princeton, and Kaplan offer three of the best MCAT prep courses on the market. In addition to each providing full-featured programs, these brands also all offer standalone Q-Bank programs which are a great option for those wishing to study on a tighter budget.

MCAT Q-Bank Comparison: Blueprint, Princeton, and Kaplan

We evaluated all three MCAT Q-Banks to determine which program is the best. Our review methodology included the following feature analysis:

  • Practice question and rationale quality
  • Practice tests
  • Q-Bank volume
  • Additional study resources such as access to content review, flashcards, etc.
  • Advanced features such as study planners, AI tutors, and robust analytics
  • Price & overall value

Blueprint MCAT Q-Bank


Blueprint's MCAT Q-Bank received the highest score during this three-way comparison. It is a strong contender across all of the features we evaluated.

What sets Blueprint apart is its inclusion of advanced study features such as an intelligent study planner tool, an AI tutor for CARS content, and the best data analytics of the bunch.

Blueprint MCAT Q-Bank Discounts

We evaluated Blueprint's MCAT Qbank + 10 Exams ($399) for this comparison.

Princeton Review MCAT Q-Bank


Coming in second place was Princeton Review's MCAT Q-Bank. Like Blueprint, Princeton is a solid choice and scored well in most of the categories we examined. The main area where Princeton's Q-Bank is lacking is with advanced features offered by competitors such as Blueprint. They don't have as robust of analytics and the program doesn't include any AI tutor for questions.

We evaluated Princeton Review's MCAT Practice Pack Standard ($399) for this comparison.

Kaplan MCAT Q-Bank


Kaplan scored last in our comparison but it also came in at the lowest price which still made it a decent value. Despite this, there are better options available if you're willing to spend a bit more. With Kaplan, you only get practice questions and you miss out on all of the additional features offered by the other brands.

We evaluated Kaplan's MCAT Q-Bank - 6 months ($249) for this comparison.

These scores are specific for standalone Q-Banks only. It is not an apples-to-apples comparison with full-featured program scores as the evaluation criteria are substantially different.